10 foods that reduce high blood pressure Foods you should eat – avoid

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10 foods that reduce high blood pressure Foods you should eat – avoid

Did you know that the older you get? The more you risk being high blood pressure Because besides our bodies, we eat delicious food. Go in as before. with our body burning less energy until fat accumulates in the body in various parts (Everyone should know. Which parts Especially when wearing the same clothes. You won’t know right away.) Moreover, The food that is sold in the market is not considered nutritious at all.

Sanook Health would like to recommend food for ทางเข้า ufabet people at risk of having high blood pressure. (Or people who are plump and fat) should eat and should avoid each other.

10 foods you should eat To reduce high blood pressure

  1. Watermelon regulates blood circulation. and control the expansion of blood vessels
  2. Celery helps reduce stress that causes blood clots.
  3. Bananas help balance the body’s sodium intake. and potassium at a rate that is balanced with kidney function.
  4. Olive oil is an unsaturated fatty acid. Helps reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, and facilitates blood circulation.
  5. Garlic contains antioxidants. Prevents cholesterol from sticking to the arterial walls.
  6. Brown rice is a good source of energy and dietary fiber.
  7. Black sesame and white sesame contain good protein and no fat.
  8. Nuts, cashew nuts Sunflower seeds contain magnesium which helps in burning fat.
  9. Fish (skin removed) and shellfish contain good protein, low fat and magnesium. Provides energy and helps strengthen the heart’s blood vessels.
  10. Low-fat fresh milk It is a source of protein. Calcium that helps take care of bones

10 foods to avoid To prevent high blood pressure

It is food that is salty, very sweet or has a high amount of sodium. and high levels of bad fats such as

  1. Fish sauce, soy sauce, various seasoning sauces
  2. bean paste
  3. Pickled vegetables and various pickled foods
  4. Frozen foods often contain a high amount of sodium. or highly salty taste
  5. soft drink
  6. Candy, Jelly, Crispy, Sweet Flavor
  7. Pork fat, beef fat, chicken with skin on
  8. alcoholic beverages
  9. Drinks containing caffeine such as coffee, tea
  10. Desserts such as cakes, cookies, donuts, ice cream.