7 behaviors that harm the “kidneys” even if you don’t eat salty food

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7 behaviors that harm the “kidneys” even if you don’t eat salty food can cause kidney disease.

If we talk about ” kidney disease ,” many people probably think of it from the first time they hear it. “Because you eat too much salt,” Will tell you that it’s not just salty food that causes kidney disease. You probably don’t know yet. And accidentally hurt your own kidneys without realizing it!

Kidney disease the name given collection of symptoms. And/or abnormalities called pathology. That occurs in the kidney area that works to ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.app expel waste from the body and maintain salt balance. Including water problems in the human body. There are many types of diseases that occur with the kidneys, including:

  • acute kidney failure
  • chronic kidney disease that occurs after diabetes high blood pressure
  • Nephrotic nephritis
  • Nephritis due to immune confusion
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Kidney cyst disease

Causes of kidney disease

  • The patient has had it since birth, such as having only one kidney. or the kidneys are not the same size Or it may be kidney disease with a cyst. These diseases can also pass on through genetics.
  • Caused by inflammation, such as disease of the capillary blood group in the kidneys.
  • caused by infection This is cause mainly bacterial infections, glomerulonephritis, purulent kidneys, or cystitis.
  • Caused by blockage such as from gallstones or enlarged prostate. or uterine cancer pressing on the ureter
  • A tumor developed in the kidney. There are many types.

What are the symptoms of kidney disease?

In patients with acute kidney disease There are two important symptoms that are clearly noticeable: urinating less than usual. or there may be no urine

As for patients with chronic kidney disease, when they begin to have it, There will be no clear symptoms. But symptoms will appear only when the disease is already severe. This is why most patients who come to the doctor with symptoms of kidney disease have severe chronic kidney disease.

There are several symptoms that commonly found in patients with chronic kidney disease:

  • have abnormal urinary symptoms You may have a lot of urine, little urine, or no urine at all. The urine may be cloudy. Or clear like water, may have a dark color and be foamy all the time. Occasionally there may be blood mixed in. and/or has an unusual smell. It depends on the cause of the disease.
  • Tired easily, fatigued
  • Feeling anorexic Or the food you eat has a strange taste. This may also occur as a result of waste that accumulates in the body.
  • Feeling nauseous and vomiting. Which is caused by the accumulation of waste in the body.
  • There is itching caused by irritation of the skin from various waste products.
  • Pale skin, which is caused by the kidneys normally producing a type of hormone. That helps in the production of red blood cells in the bone marrow. When kidney cells are lost. This type of hormone will also be produced less. Affects the creation of red blood cells in the bone marrow.
  • There is a lot of water in the body. This is because the kidneys cannot excrete those fluids from the body. causing swelling It usually starts with the feet and around the eyes first.
  • When the disease begins to worsen May cause kidney failure with symptoms such as confusion, coma, and eventually death.

7 types of behaviors that may harm the kidneys 

  1. Eat spicy food

    It’s not just a very salty taste. But spicy food includes food that is very sweet, very spicy, or even very oily. Spicy food makes the kidneys work harder. Therefore, it can contribute to kidney disease as well as salty foods.
  2. Not exercising

    Lack of exercise is the cause of many diseases, including obesity. Fat clogs arteries, fatty liver, clogged arteries, heart disease, and others, including kidney disease as well.
  3. Drink too little or too much water.

    Drinking little water is the cause of many diseases as well. Including kidney disease. Because the kidneys purify waste in the body and must use water carrier to filtered by the kidneys until. it becomes urine If you drink too much water. The kidneys will work too hard. But if you drink too little water (which is more likely) will cause the urine to be dark in color. which is bad for the kidneys and the bladder as well
  4. overworked

    Believe it or not, working hard is also a cause of kidney disease. Because when the body lacks adequate rest The internal organs of the body will not restore. and fully repairs itself as well When the organs that purify waste in the body, such as the kidneys, do not stop functioning. It may easily cause the kidneys to deteriorate.
  5. Stress:

    Stress often comes with hard work. If you’re very stress. The body will not able to fully rest. Moreover, when we are stress. We will breathe oxygen into the body. To go and feed various parts Not able to fully. And the kidneys organ that affecte by stress.
  6. Eat ready-made food

    Even though you might say you’re not a salty eater. But if you spend your life revolving around instant noodles Boxed lunch in convenience store Various canned foods or even soft drinks, soda, and some types of drinks You’ll be ingesting high amounts of sodium in your body without you realizing it. So eat a little less.
  7. high blood pressure

    If anyone already has high blood pressure. The more likely it is that kidney disease will follow. Because if the pressure is allow to continue high, without rushing to treat. This high blood pressure damages the kidney blood vessels. Cause kidney damage Or it may call “Temporary kidney failure”