Negative health effects of drinking too much alcohol.

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While a moderate amount of red wine may provide health benefits. Consuming too much alcohol can cause devastating health effects.

According to the World Health Organization, alcohol is associated with numerous health problems. Including cirrhosis, cancers, heart disease, and developmental disorders. And these risks outweigh any potential benefits of red wine.UFABET 

These include:

  • Alcohol dependence: Drinking regularly may become out of control and lead to alcoholism.
  • Liver cirrhosis: When more than 30 grams (about 2–3 glasses of wine) are consumed each day, the risk of developing liver disease increases. End-stage liver disease, called cirrhosis, is life threatening.
  • Increased risk of cancer: Consumption is a risk factor in 4% of all cancers. The most common types affected are breast and colorectal cancers.
  • Increased risk of depression: Heavy drinkers are at a much higher risk of depression than moderate or non-drinkers.
  • Increased risk of death and disease: Drinking a lot of wine. Even only 1–3 days a week, may increase the risk of diabetes in men. High alcohol intake has also linked with an increased risk of premature death.

An excessive intake of alcoholic beverages may cause alcohol dependence, liver cirrhosis, or cancer. It may also increase the risk of depression, disease and premature death.