Bayern Munich win over Stuttgart 2-1.

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Bayern Munich regained their top spot with a 2-1 win over Stuttgart. Bringing them level on 49 points from 23 games football with Borussia Dortmund but the ball has the upper hand.

Just the first 2 minutes. Yann Somers almost made a gap when holding the ball for so long. That Silas Mwupa ran and squeezed. Almost stealing the ball, but the ball rolled out of the back first.

In the 12th minute, Leon Goretzka spins for the ball before flowing. Joshua Kimmich shines far in front of the penalty area UFABET 

In the 17th minute, Alphonso Davis played a ball on the left side of the field. Making a bounce for Jamal Musiala to pay back before slapping into the center of the penalty area. Not difficult to get.

The white horse was almost able to do it in the 37th minute. Hiroki Ito opened the corner kick on the right. The ball came in front of the door frame. Yann Sommer came out to punch, did not get hit by Atakhan Karasor. The bouncing ball was about to cross the line, Matthias de Ligt retreated in time.

But just 2 minutes later. The Southern Tigers took a 1-0 lead. Jamal Musiala passed a short pass to Matthias De Ligt caught and shone almost 25 yards away. Breadlov tucked into the net precisely.

The second half, in the 55th minute.

Jamal Musiala was hit by the white horses. The ball came to Eric Chupo-Moting, caught the ball in Kingsley Coman’s way and hurriedly smashed the ball in the frame, but the opponent’s defenseman Settle down and wait to get it.

The Southern Tiger escaped 2-0 in 62 minutes. Jamal Musiala stabbed the ball for Thomas Muller to tap quickly in one stroke. Eric Chupo-Moting ran in tandem to the right in the penalty area. Home team goal netted

At the end of the game in the 88th minute, Enzo Milot, a reserve footballer, threw the ball on the left side of the ball from 7 yards, Jose Juan Perea beat Matthias de Ligt and flicked the ball into the goal, leading the white horse to chase. 1-2

But the locals could do just that, at the end of the game, Bayern Munich invaded Stuttgart 2-1