Murphy tells Klopp how to deal with Manchester United.

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Former Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy has advised his former club. On how to deal with Manchester United in today’s “Red Fever” at Anfield.

Liverpool are chasing the top four area, prepare to open their home to meet. With “Red Devils” who have stepped up to win the championship with great results this year. Which Murphy analyzes the play from the team of Erik ten Hag has advised Klopp on how to stop his opponents in this match UFABET

“I think Liverpool will go into the field with great determination. They have to do that.” Murphy said. “You have to try and get Man United out of the game, like Liverpool did against Real Madrid. The problem is they can’t do that after the first 30 minutes.

“But you have to make Manchester United lose their game and make them feel uncomfortable. United have big game players to go there. They have to do that.

“They (Manchester United) have players who are not worried about going to Anfield. So you have to force them not to set up easy games. In 20-30 minutes you have to do that and see if you can score the first goal.

“What I’m really worry about for Liverpool is if they concede the first goal. What we’ve seen with Manchester United lately is great game management. They can be passive not playing along with the game Protect in the penalty area and don’t worry about not getting the ball. So it would be a concern if United would get the goal first.

“I would be surprise if Jurgen Klopp didn’t try to force Manchester United early on and create a supportive atmosphere for the fans.

Asked about the result. Murphy said: “I think it will end in a draw, I don’t think United will win.