Pioli angry at Milan for conceding a penalty that wasn’t a penalty.

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Stefano Pioli, coach of AC Milan is very disappointed to be eliminated from the Coppa Italia quarter-finals due to a penalty shootout issue. Until losing at home to Atalanta 1-2.

AC Milan took the lead in the 45th minute from Rafael Leao. But 2 minutes into first half injury time, Tern Copmeiner scored an equalizer for Atalanta. Then in the second half, the same Copmeiner. Penalty shootout gave the visiting team a 2-1 win ทางเข้า UFABET

The penalty came in the 59th minute when Alejandro Jimenez poked the ball clear. While Alexei Miranchuk was knocked down. Without intervention or reversal of the decision from VAR

Pioli said after the game that “I thought we played a very good first half. Should be the one to take the lead And then we played without experience. We should have defended better.”

“But the truth is that the game changed because of a penalty that was never a penalty.”

“After that, we were upset, the game was lost, as was the possession. We struggled to balance and dominate the game like we did in the first half.”

“To be honest, it was very difficult. There is a lot of debate about VAR. But that’s not a penalty. Because our players can dunk the ball first. And the Atalanta player fell down before there was further contact.”