Ruben Sayes believes Southampton still have hope of surviving relegation.

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Southampton manager Ruben Sayes believe that. Their football team is still alive to escape relegation After opening the house to beat Leicester 1-0.

“It’s been a very disappointing week. But we did it at the end of today’s game.

“They work hard. and demonstrates harmony It’s not a good game. But we can handle the big moments. And we can celebrate the win at St Mary’s, which I haven’t done since August.

“It’s very important for us as we try to stay in the Premier League.”UFABET

“I told them before the game that I was proud of the way they dealt with their disappointment from midweek.

“I’m proud of the work they’ve done in training over the last few days.”

“We knew we wanted Carlos Alcaraz to play tall on the pitch. We need space to play behind the centre-backs. It was a great finish from him.

“Looks like he got hurt from the celebration. It was the first goal we scored in open play in the Premier League a long time ago. He hasn’t started in recent times. And he wanted to show what he could do.”

“We have to check something. and analyze his injuries.

Asked about relegation, Southampton Sayes said: “We have six points from our last three games. I think we’re still alive. I think we’re doing a good job. And I don’t think we’re worse than any team in the Premier League. So we’re going to find it.”

“Our goal is to keep fighting. If we continue to show the spirit we do today. We can achieve what we want.”

“They are a great group of youngsters. And we have to believe that they can do it.”