Terms used to play in the blackjack game.

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In terms of terms used within the blackjack game. It is very important, especially if you play with online casinos, you will need to know what all these terms mean. Because when encountering these words within the game, you will know what is happening. which will make you not at a disadvantage in blackjack game. Which words will there be? Let’s go and see.

1. Draw more cards.

To draw more cards or Hit is to ask for more cards. If the player wants to receive more cards, they must press the Hit button. After pressing, the player receives 1 more card UFABET 

However, when asking for more cards, the player must have less than 21 points, then the player can choose to add more cards. If any player’s cards are worth more than 21 points, they will lose the right to receive more cards. and will immediately lose the bet.

2. Rest or request to stop playing cards.

A break, a request to stop receiving cards or Stand is a request to stop receiving more cards. It may be because the player has already received a score of 21 points, or has a score close to 21 points, or may be satisfied with the points he already has.

3. Increasing the bet limit.

Increasing the bet or Double Down is increasing the bet to 2 times (of the initial bet). I have good grades. May beat the dealer’s cards can increase the bet

But after increasing the bet The player will receive only 1 additional card only.

4. Request to split cards.

Splitting cards or splitting is requesting to split the cards into 2 legs. Splitting usually occurs in case the player has already received the first 2 cards and both cards have the same face. for example The player has 2 A cards, when the cards are split into 2 hands, the player can draw more cards normally. More cards can be drawn until a satisfactory score is obtained.

Note **  In the event that the player’s card has a face other than the same face card. But if you want to split the cards into 2 legs, you can do that as well.