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What is sushi?

Sushi is a seaweed roll filled with cooked rice, raw or cooked fish and vegetables. It’s commonly served with soy sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger. Sushi first became popular in 7th-century Japan as a way to preserve fish. The cleaned fish was pressed between rice and

Sunflower Seeds Health Benefits.

Not only do sunflower seeds offer a great nutty flavor and crunchy texture. But they have a variety of health benefits, including: 1. May help your eyes “Sunflower seeds are one of the richest dietary sources of vitamin E. And contain about half a day’s

Fatty fish.

Fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel and herring are excellent foods for healthy skin. They’re rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Which are important for maintaining skin health. Omega-3 fatty acids are necessary to help keep skin thick, supple, and moisturized. In fact, an omega-3 fatty

Healthiest fruits

What are the healthiest fruits? There are lots of different ways to answer that question. This can mean choosing fruits that are affordable and easy to find. Try to choose healthiest fruits you’ll enjoy eating. Eating a variety of fruits is a great way to make sure